Trust Security not trustworthy at all!

Macon, Georgia 1 comment
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"Trust" Security is an ironic name for a business run by people I wouldn't trust.After being their customer for years, I informed the company that I was moving and needed to discontinue my service.

I was told that I had to sign a cancellation request form that would be sent to me. It arrived 2 months later after many unreturned phone calls, and I had been billed for an entire year after I no longer lived in the house. They stated that because I didn't sign the form in time (which they wouldn't send to me) that my account had auto renewed and I was responsible for payment for another year. If this company were my only option, I just wouldn't have a security system at all.

Everyone I talked to in this company was rude, smug, and uncaring.

After much research I found many complaints about this company, mostly for the same reason; making it almost impossible to cancel.

Do an internet search on Trust Security Covington and you'll lots of bad stuff, hardly any good.

Review about: Alarm Monitoring.

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